Olive oil  Virgin Territory olive oil 500 ml

An extra virgin blend of Frantoio, Kalamata, Manzanillo, and Mission olives. Grown on the estate, harvested by hand, and cold-pressed for a delicate, leafy flavour.

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   R 159 per bottle

In the grove

There are 1200 olive trees growing at Noble Hill amongst the vineyards. After the end of the wine harvest each year, we hand-pick olives to make our cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Our estate olive oil has the distinctive spiciness of a premium, small-batch product. It is equally delicious on salads, used in recipes, or just sprinkled with a little pepper and dipped with your favourite ciabatta.

Packaging concept

As part of Noble Hill's commitment to sustainability, the packaging for Virgin Territory is designed to be completely re-usable: the bottle is fitted with a high-quality re-usable stopper and the label has been replaced with a fitted rubber band: perfect for keeping a good grip and usable for any number of household applications. The best part is that to promote the use of re-usable packaging, we offer to refill our bottles at a very economical rate should anyone want to stop by the farm and top-up.