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We're a proud member of the Old Vine Project, which seeks to protect and promote South Africa's vineyard heritage

Less than 4% of South Africa's vineyards qualify as heritage vineyards, meaning that they were planted more than 35 years ago. Since 2002, the Old Vine Project has sought to identify, certify, and protect these viticultural assets.

Old vineyards yield less, hence why they are often uprooted for commercial reasons. However, at Noble Hill, we've developed a deep respect for old vines. The vines yield little fruit, yet their age and large roots give the grapes intensity, complexity, and depth of flavour. The adaptation over years to the vineyard’s specific microclimate ensures consistency from vintage to vintage and buffers against seasonal stresses. Old vines produce complex, nuanced wines.

The oldest vineyard on Noble Hill was planted in 1987, making it a certified heritage vineyard. We grow the grapes for the Simonskop Chenin Blanc here, and the seal on this wine certifies the vineyard's status and special place in South Africa's viticultural heritage.